I’m seeing a lot of negative reaction to this Thor news and I can understand it, but my fear is that people are going to take this as ‘you can’t have a female do the same shit as a male or be worthy’. For me that is so far from the case. It has nothing to do with this new Thor being a woman, it…


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i typed a big long thing but decided to cut it right down

here’s what it boils down to
They’re gonna have to establish New Thor is a badass mother. this is fact
she may even beat up unworthy thor and she’ll do some pretty spectacular stuff.

Don’t compare them. Thor has been in nearly 5500 comics and has 50+ years of history.

Just enjoy your new female thor but don’t slag off Old thor yeah?



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Non Stop Bhangra - uptempo mix 2014!

(mixed by DJ Jimmy Love)

1 - PBN - Go Crazy Ft. Miss Pooja
2 - Lehmber Hussainpuri - Hai Nahalo
3 - Jags Klimax - Nach Sadhe Naal Ft. Nirmal Sidhu
4 - DJ Vix & Kaka Bhainiawala - Dil Aashiq Tere Te
5 - Harj Nagra & Sukshiner Shinda - Dil Vaarda
6 - Jeeti - Mera Mahi Tu Pateya
7 - Beenie Man - Good Oh (DJ Gregory Mix)
8 - Jazzy B - Party Getting Hot Ft. Yo Yo Honey Singh
9 - Anmol Malik, Hard Kaur & Mika Singh - Talli (Jimmy Love Bolly-House Mix)
10 - Daljit - Lak Twenty Eight Kudi Da Ft. Honey Singh
11 - Jaz Dhami - High Heels
12 - Saleem - Ek Gera Ft. Popsy
13 - Benny Dhailwal - Nazar Tere Yaar
14 - DJ Rags - Ni Goriyeh Tf. Billa Bakshi

a mix covering some of the classic uptempo tunes played at Non Stop Bhangra over the years.

(Source: diablo-sf / Non Stop Bhangra)

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Cheers,my friend.

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I love this Steve in Avengers Prime. Sorry for my wrong painting in anatomy.

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Thor: First Thunder, is canon to Marvel 616 ?


I get asked versions of this question a lot.

Here’s the thing of it.

At this point, depending on how you choose to look at it, the Marvel Universe is either 53 years old or 75 years old. Either way, it’s the longest running shared fictional environment every created. (The DC line didn’t really become a “universe” per se until really the early 1980s or so.) That means that more people have been contributing to it more consistently than anything else in existence. And the larger that tapestry grows, the more impossible it becomes for absolutely everything to exist within a perfect non-changing absolutely static “canon.”

Past a certain point, the question of “canon” really becomes: will future creators reference it? And the answer in most cases is likely “somewhat.”

Inevitably and inexorably, there’s a magnetic pull to the original stories. Those are the ones that more often than not exert the strongest pull on the history of the character—those are the ones that creators and editors go back to whenever devising any retellings or history implants or anything along those lines.

But often, there’s some degree of “seepage” from the newer retellings, depending on how well they’re done, how well they’re received, and how well they address the needs of the audience and the creators of right now. So for as many times as we’ve told it and expanded on it, the core origin of the Fantastic Four is what we saw in FANTASTIC FOUR #1. However, the core origin of Daredevil incorporates all of the additions that Frank Miller made during his assorted runs on DAREDEVIL.

So it varies.

In the case of THOR: FIRST THUNDER, its storytelling mandate was very similar to the later THOR: SEASON ONE book. Both of them recount the earliest days of Thor’s time on Earth and his earliest adventures, weaving among the original stories from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. And yet, the two don’t really match up very well.

So which one is “canon”?

The answer is both, to some degree. And neither, to some degree.

it really all depends on what future Thor writers choose to pick up on from either of those retellings and use again in new modern stories. Inevitably, there’ll be cases where Writer A will reference one, and then Writer B will reference the other—depending on which story they preferred or which project they read at a formative period in their lives.

So really, this stuff functions these days more in the manner of legends. If you compare all of the assorted Norse myths, there are a bunch of outright contradictions. And yet, all of them are “true” so far as Thor and Odin and Loki and everybody are concerned.

That’s how the Marvel Universe operates at this point as well.

So, final answer is yes. But it’s also yes for the stories that contradict it.

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Marvel Comics Meme: Relationships (1/6) ››

→ Thor and Tony Stark (Ultimate Universe)

Tony: Right now, the world needs a god of thunder.  So Thor doesn’t get to be broken… he gets rebuilt.   Wear the burden best you can, old boy.  It’s time to hit something.


Thor:  You are an arrogant rake, Stark, and a formidable warrior.  A much better man than most.Anthony Stark, I have been honored to call you my friend.

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okay that’s enough effort for one week

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Amazing Spider-man #600

That awkward moment when you’re about to tell someone your secret identity and they just don’t give a shit

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